How to Keep a Blog Schedule

Posted by on January 15, 2011 in Articles | 0 comments

Occasionally, the caffeine stops working and 48-hours straight of world domination comes to a temporary halt as you face plant the keyboard. Now, if you get really lucky, you may hit the Enter key and, while your readers will spend days trying to decipher the hidden meaning to “akfjsdkfd”, you have at least made good on your schedule.

We talked about why you need to keep a blog schedule. We talked about how to create a cache of posts for when you’re mind is repeating three lines from the latest Eminem song. But these tactics only takes you so far if you don’t actually get your posts from the freezer to the pan.

Luckily, most blogging systems have a feature which allows you to setup a queue of posts. Enter your post, choose when you want it to be submitted and done.

You can use this for days you know you aren’t going to post. Or you can use it as your primary means of getting your message out to the world—regularly. Just keep an eye on the queue to stay a few posts ahead, and on occasion, you can try out a pillow instead of the keyboard.

Simply Put:
1. Decide on a posting schedule.
2. Create a cache, or pool, of pre-written posts.
3. Set up a queue and let the blogging system keep the schedule.

Do you use schedule posting? How often do you set up your queue?

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