7 Things I Think Every Author Needs

Posted by on April 23, 2011 in Archives | 4 comments

Naturally, I talk with a lot of aspiring and newly published authors. And from that, I’ve put together a list of things that a new author seems to need to even have a fighting chance in the flood of books. Ready?

A readily available, free Chapter One. The blurb is no longer enough. People love to try before they buy. If it’s a series, you could even consider giving the entire first book away for free and selling the sequels.

A well written blurb. Even if it’s not enough to sell the book, it does drive the potential reader into opening the aforementioned Chapter One. Google for tips on writing a book blurb. Make it as amazing as the book.

A blog. Come on, you knew I would say this. I wrote an article about why an author needs a blog. And if you have no idea what to do with the blog once it’s started, read my blog promotion tips. And follow me on Twitter. I share.

Goodreads. How can you be an author and not be on Goodreads?

Facebook and Twitter. The dynamic duo cannot be ignored. My blog promotion tips include a growing list of ways to use these social networks to help meet your goals. Sign up, interact. The sooner the better.

A book review. Or ten. There are bajillions of book review blogs. Yes, that’s the official count. Find ones who like your type of book, then send them a nice message offering your book for review. If they decline, offer to throw in a kidney (Or, not. FTC might not like it). If they still decline, try another reviewer. Keep trying. Someone’s bound to say yes. Note: My blog roll has a growing list of book reviewers.

Ning. I think Ning rocks. I suggest this network Book Blogs, because they’re super cool people with lots of interesting groups. I love reading posts there.

And, after you’ve done all this, you’ll want to read this post.

What other suggestions do you have for new authors trying to promote their book?

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  • Natasha

    I’m going to have to agree with this article 100%….not that it should come as a surprise. I thought I knew face book until I was told I should have a separate author page…that made me tired for some reason.

    • rainy

      LOL, Natasha. That’s too funny, but sums it up perfectly I think!

  • http://booklog.eternalised.net Majanka

    My number one tip to authors who would like to promote their book, is: go on a virtual book tour. I’ve heard from countless of authors that they’ve contacted thirty-or-so bloggers (which takes a lot of time, of course) and maybe two of them replied, and both times it was a no. Book bloggers are busy people. We get our advanced copies from publishers, we buy books ourselves, we go to the library. And even when someone says yes, it takes ages for them to read your book, or they might not read it at all.

    Virtual book tours are coordinated by book bloggers themselves. You don’t really have to do anything as an author, aside from paying a small fee for organising the book tour, answering interview questions and maybe writing some guest posts. The book tour organiser contacts all people in their network (book tour hosts, if you may) and asks them who’s interested. Then, on a fixed date, for example two weeks, or even one month, your books gets promoted on various websites. People review your book, there are giveaways, and your books is promoted far better than if you would contact one reviewer and they reviewed it, after three months of waiting. It’s also pretty cheap, and could be a huge boost to your sales.

    Of course, I’m a bit biased, because I run a Book Tour website myself, but I also work for an online eBook publisher, and I’ve already told them all the benefits of a book tour as well, and they are planning to take some of the books they’ve published on a tour. And if I ever do manage to finish that book I’ve been working on for ages now, I will schedule a book tour for it right away.

    That’s just my two cents. Furthermore, I agree with all the points you stated. An author needs a blog. An author needs Twitter, social media, contacts, their own network.

    • rainy

      Thanks for the comment! I have heard great things about book tours, as well.

      I have you sent you an email related to this topic :)