Character Interview: Nadua from Demon Slave, Kiersten Fay

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Demon Slave by Kiersten Fay

Main Character Name:


What was your life like growing up?

“Is this microphone on? Hello? Can you hear me alright? Okay, well, I guess you could say I had two childhoods. The first was with my family, on Evlon—before…you know…the invasion. I was the middle child. Young. Carefree.”—sigh—“Life was easy then.
“My eldest sister, Kyra, was in line for the throne and was already being groomed to take Father’s place. Looking back now, I realize why. I thought she was a bit young to take over—she was only 22—but, at the time I didn’t give it much consideration. I suppose Father meant to keep it quiet…
“So, anyway, then the Kayadon came and we all had to leave so fast, I was separated from my family…I didn’t even have time to say a proper goodbye. I-I had no idea…”—pause—“I’m sorry, this is hard to talk about.”

“My, second childhood, and much of my adult life, was spent on Undewla with Fineas and his people, the Cyrellians. I’m grateful to Fineas for taking me in. He was a close friend of my fathers, and he always treated me like a daughter. I miss him every day.”

Before your story began, what were your hopes for the future?

“Before everything got so messed up? I can hardly remember what I wanted in life. To be honest, I don’t think I really thought about it. I was a princess. I had a loving family. I wanted for nothing. But now? Now I only have one hope. That the people I love stay safe.”

What do you think changed that?

“I suppose it was the bombing of my home planet.”

Right. Uh, so, how would you describe your personality?

Shrug. “I’ve learned to endure. I’ve had to be strong, to fight for respect among the Cyrellian nobles. I guess I’m tough. As tough as I need to be, anyway. It’s difficult not to become a harder person after situations like these, you know? Hard not to wallow in your misfortunes. But you have to push past it. Right? People are counting on me, and I…I just don’t want to let anyone down.”

“Huh…? Personality…? Oh, um…Upbeat.”

How would you describe your looks?

Snort! “Out of place! I always feel self-conscious on Undewla. Nobody here has fiery-red hair, so you could say I stand out in a crowd.”

What’s your greatest talents?

“I used to get visions, but they seem to be slipping away from me. Not that I was all that great at interpreting them. It scares me, though, that I might be losing them. It’s the last connection I have to my heritage…to my father. He used to get visions as well. Of course, his were much more helpful than mine are.”

Who are your closest friends?

“My closest friend in the world is Ava, Fineas’ real daughter. I’ve been raising her since he died, keeping her title secure. We like to irritate her aunts. See which one of us can exasperate them first. I usually win.”

Who do you love?

“My mother, father, Ava, my sisters, for sure…oh, and, well, there’s this demon…” Grin.

Who do you hate, and why?

“I’m not too fond of rebels. Or anyone that wants to hurt my family. I hate yellowbacks, because they bite—but that’s not really a ‘who’. I hate the people who took my home from me!”

What do you think is going to happen next?

“I used to ask my father that all the time…back when I was too young to know what it really meant. He would smile at me and say, “Only the gods know for sure, my dearest.” That’s what my father would say…”—sniff—“I’m sorry, are we done yet? Did you need anything else?”

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  • Natasha Larry

    Woot! Great interview. I want to be her… sigh.