6 Ways You Can Help Your Triberr Tribe as a Member

Posted by on December 10, 2011 in Articles | 8 comments

Triberr can be a great tool if everyone in the tribe plays fairly. This is especially important since sharing is now manual instead of automated, due to request from Twitter. But there are many things a Tribe member can do to help out their group. However, it might not be evident, especially to new Tribe members as it’s tempting to just log in, share, and log back out. So, on behalf of Tribes everywhere, here’s some tips on how to be a great triber:

Share Posts. This is the most basic, but worth reiterating. Posts now must be shared manually, so add Triberr to your calendar and log in at least once a week to share your tribemates posts. Yes, it can be tempting to pick and choose, but if you have a small tribe, be cool and just share about everything. And if you are active on more than one of the platform options, share with all of them. Triber has made it incredibly easy. Take advantage of it.

Suggest Members. This one depends a little more on the chief of the Tribe, but a great suggestion is always a good way to show you are interested in the future of the tribe. If you have talked someone into joining who happens to be an active promoter and a great blogger, then ask your chief if they’ll invite them–especially if you have no desire to run your own tribe or if the person just seems a better fit with the initiating tribe.

Follow. Connect outside of Triberr. Follow each other on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Remember, the updates coming to your Triberr stream is pulled from their blog feed, not their social network accounts. So get to know each other on the other platforms too.

Discuss. There’s a very modest, but functional, bulletin board system within each Tribe. Don’t be shy. Say hello to new members, ask questions, share information. It’s a great way to let everyone know you’re paying attention.

Replay. This feature allows you to requeue your blog post to be shared again. It costs bones, but can be a great way to help gain more exposure. Another benefit is part of those bones are donated to the chief and the other members. Talk about a win-win.

Share this post. No, really. Let your tribemates know what all they can be doing to help things along. Send the link to this article on your social networks, in your tribe forum, or even blog about it.

Be active, show interest, and share knowledge, and Triberr can be a great way to gain exposure and increase your network.

What activities, either listed here or otherwise, would you like to see more from your tribemates?

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  • Natasha Larry

    Gosh darn it! I forgot all about this site! =) Logging in now.

    • Rainy Kaye

      *sigh* What am I going to do with you, woman? :)

  • http://paleo.econua.com/ PaleoIrish

    Thanks for the good advice, I am new on Triberr and am involved with a very small tribe, we do our best to support each other however I haven’t really taken all the time that I should have to learn as much as I can about triberr so I appreciate the ease of learning by reading short concise pieces like this :)

    • Rainy Kaye

      Glad you enjoyed the article =) Small tribes can be effective if everyone supports each other.

  • http://avajae.blogspot.com Ava Jae

    Great tips, Rainy! Triberr is a great resource if used correctly and it’s great to watch it grow and develop. :)

    • Rainy Kaye

      Yeah, I’m officially addicted now lol

  • http://fictionalcandy.blogspot.com Liz @ Fictional Candy

    I think Triberr has some kinks they need to work out, and I am a bit concerned it is going to overload Twitter with more posts people are just going to ignore…but any little bit helps. This is a great post, I’m going to share it around :)

    • Rainy Kaye

      You are right, it’s definitely not perfect. They seem to work very closely with Twitter to make sure it doesn’t become too much of a burden, both on the system and the people. So far, I’ve really enjoyed it, but I know it could get out of hand pretty quickly. The scheduled “drip feed” function helps with that a lot though. I think they need to make the Tweet now option less obvious, because it feels like the right thing to click when you first open the Triberr stream. Or, remove that function entirely and leave it with just the scheduled one instead. They creators of Triberr seem dedicated to making it as much of a useful, but least spammy, tool as possible. I hope they keep at it =)

      Thanks for the comment and support!