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I’ve added a new option to the menu bar a the top, which essentially centralizes all my newsletters. The signup page is still a little ugly, I admit, but making these things pretty is part of next year’s to do list.

Can you believe it’s already almost 2013? What the heck, 2012, what the heck?


Here’s a brief overview of each of the current newsletters. Or you can just clicky here and check it out yourself.

Arizona Newsletter. At this precise moment in time, I am not sending to it. I will be, though, so feel free to sign up. You won’t receive anything until the newsletter goes live anyway. I know this is a case of the duh, but I want to point out that if you do not live in Arizona, this particular newsletter will likely serve you no purpose. It will be simply sending interesting local events.

Book and Blog Services General Newsletter. Yeah, I know, my newsletter names are so creative. If you missed it, Book and Blog Services is my new wee company for um, promoting books and helping out bloggers. This list is for keeping up to date on the fun stuff going on there. It’ll be, at most, once a month. And I won’t send anything unless there’s something worth saying. I have Twitter for mindless rambling 😉

Fly into the Dark. This is my baby and a lot more about it can be found by following this messy little page until the new site is up and at it. This newsletter is a one-off thing for a special offer during the debut. You won’t receive anything from it until then. But I’d be very pleased if you signed up. You’re not obligated to accept the offer. It just makes sure you get a chance at it.

RainyoftheDark. The newsletter for this blog. Again, it is once a month–if that. I really hate my inbox being clogged up with pointless newsletters, so I do keep things as quick and simple as possible. Still, it’s a good list to be on so when I’m giving away something, you’ll be among the first to know. And I love giving away stuff. Books, gift cards, services. No cars or houses, though. Maybe a cat, if he chews through another phone charger.

SFF Bloggers. This letter is part of Book and Blog Services. Essentially, you will receive a notification when a science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, etc. book is scheduling a tour. That means gift cards or you and prizes for for your blog followers. You are never obligated to sign up for a tour, so there’s no harm in joining this list to see if something comes through that interests you.

Erotica Bloggers. Same as above SFF Bloggers above, except for bloggers who don’t just like their tea hot and steamy.

Did you read this far? Then here is the link again, so you can sign up.

Leave any requests, questions, or comments below. Thanks!

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