How to Send Only Some Posts to a Triberr Tribe

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Okay, the title for this blog was a little difficult to decide, because the problem usually goes like this:

“I want some of this here and some of that there, and this Chief wants none of that.”

This is usually accompanied by a lot of hand gestures, some grunting, and perhaps the picking of a few bugs.

Yeah, when it comes to technology, sometimes even the best of us are reduced to scratching armpits and making primate noises.

Here’s what happened.

I am in three Tribes. And I love all three Tribes. But one Tribe is very large and has a lot of activity. The Chief, the wonderful Amberr, has a small rule in place: don’t submit more than one post per day. For some people, just removing the post from the queue is a simple solution.

It doesn’t work for me, though. First, I want my other Tribes, which do not yet have this rule in place, to see all my posts. Second, I do blog queues a month in advance. When a post goes out, I’m sometimes knee deep in something completely unrelated. So unlike on-the-fly bloggers who can log in right after pressing submit, this solution isn’t an option for me.

But there is one.

Let’s start simple, though. Let’s pretend you want some posts to go to all your Tribes, and some posts not to go to Triberr at all.

First, you have to restructure your blog–a little. Basically, create two parent categories. For the sake of simplicity, let’s call them Yes-Triberr and No-Triberr. For me, it’s Blog and Blog Archive. Whatever floats your canoe. Wait. No.

Anyway, move the child categories under one of those two parents. If you want your post about ferrets to go all over cyberspace, then put that ferret category under Yes-Triberr. If you aren’t so interested in sharing your updates (with photos!) about the Herman bread growing in the fridge, then put that category under No-Triberr.

No, really, please put that category under No-Triberr.

The next step depends on what sort of blog system you are using. WordPress, by default, has feed for individual categories.

Now go to Triberr and remove your current feed setting, then add the new Triberr feed instead.


Perfect. So let’s make things more complicated.

Like I did.

Recall, I wanted one Tribe to get some posts and the rest of the Tribes to get all posts.

So, I did basically the above, except I didn’t remove the main feed. I then had two feeds listed in my settings: the main one with everything, and the smaller one with the essentials.

From there, go into the individual tribes and click tribe settings. You can use a drop down to choose which posts are fed into that specific Tribe.

Nifty, right?

For Blogspot bloggers, you will need to use labels instead of categories. Just be sure to tag all your posts with that Yes-Triberr label if you want them to go out.

As a side note, I want to credit Dino Dogan, one of the founders of Triberr, for this information. It’s not a system I devised or anything; Triberr is setup to support it this way. Dino was kind enough to explain. And I’m hoping to help spread the word.

Do you have multiple feeds under one Triberr account?

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