Character Interview: Audra Perez from Diary of a Vampire Stripper, by Cinsearae S.

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Audra Perez

What was your life like growing up?

Gah! I’m in a spotlight….again?! Holy hell….um…talking about myself sucks. My life was as dull and boring and typical as the next average Joe. I got picked on by my peers and developed a bit of a misanthropic attitude. I didn’t make many friends, and stayed under the radar. Forget being a social butterfly, I was the antisocial caterpillar. I’m happier and more content spending time alone.

Before your story began, what were your hopes for the future?

I wanted to work in a funeral home, doing makeup on the deceased. I’m not kidding. That would have been my dream job; not having to worry about any backtalk from the customers, working in silence, and doing a bit of macabre art.

What changed that?

I got a crash-course in reality, trying to work to make ends meet to keep a roof over my head and go to school at the same time. It’s not easy when you can’t get anything (barely) above minimum wage. So, out of sheer desperation, I auditioned to be a stripper, hoping to be able to make some easy money, and to my surprise (and utter horror) they actually chose me.

How would you describe your personality?

Like Oscar the Grouch…on steroids.


How would you describe your looks?

Well, I continue to have guys trying to hit on me, despite me trying to hide myself, so I guess that means I’m still a looker….

What’s your greatest talents?

Being able to track a pigeon from practically anywhere, and capture it. There’s a reason behind it, but it’s a looong story…

Who are your closest friends?

Definitely Lucinda. She has been my best friend ever since I wound up at my new place of employment. And then there’s Paul, who I met while working at said place. If I didn’t have them, I’d probably go a little batty, pardon the pun.

Who do you love?

See above, lol. And although I hate to admit it, I’m still in love with Darren, my so-called husband. I know, another long story. He started coming into the club where I worked, and I took a liking to him, and vice versa. The more we talked, the more we started to fall for one another, and well, the rest is twisted history.

Who do you hate, and why?

Again, Darren. Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with him. He turned me into a vamp without my consent, and that royally pisses me off. True, there’s a lot of advantages to being what I am, but there’s also a crapload of difficulties and disadvantages as well. Being a vamp is a blessing and a curse.

What do you think is going to happen next?

I really wish I could take a peek into my future, but things are entirely unpredictable. I have to live day by day, not knowing what to expect. That may seem exciting for some, but for me, I don’t mind a bit of predictability. It makes me feel more stable, and I hate being pulled out of my comfort zone. But the way things have been going for me lately, I have no choice but to ride things out and hope for the best!

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