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Posted by on December 27, 2012 in Personal | 3 comments

People can be strange. Just go to People of Walmart then come back and argue they aren’t.

They are. Agree with me and save yourself the horror.

Or you could go to Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my Twitter peoples. Some of them (you) have been on there with me since the beginning, and others might as well have been. Good times have been had. As much as good times can be had on the interwebs.

But then there are occasional ones that slip through that are just. . .bizarre.

Take this one:

By the way, that ellipses? There was no second part to this message. The prior exchange had been him threatening to waterboard his relative for taking all the Legos.

Because that’s not strange at all.

This one just takes his Legos very seriously. You can’t hate a guy for stealing Legos from his cousin…or his woman’s children…or…

Yeah, I’m moving on.

This isn’t about Lego addicts. This is about a different sort of Tweeple: the ones who announce they have been unfollowed.

When I first came back to Twitter about two years ago, it was popular to name names with that announcement.

@Rainyofthedark unfollowed me!

Yes, yes I did. What are you going to do, come to my house and steal my Legos?

Despite the fact it was auto Tweeted by an app, I still found it a bit passive aggressive. I don’t see this as much anymore, but I still see unfollow announcements.

57 people unfollowed me today!

Again, this is probably coming from an app. Who knows, maybe even the little additional “personal message” on it is from the app too.

But assuming people know this is happening—surely they aren’t all oblivious to it—why are they doing it?

Is there some contest I’m not aware of, judging how many people you can annoy on Twitter?

It would certainly explain a few things.

Announcing how many has followed you, while equally ridiculous, at least is self serving.

I can’t think of one reason someone would announce they’ve been unfollowed.

Did they get up in front of the class in fifth grade and proudly announce they got a wedgie at lunch from the school bully?

The logic behind this is beyond me. Maybe I’ll just stick to Legos.

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  • Jae Mac

    Funny, I also find the unfollow/follow announcements a bit ridiculous. BTW because of this post, I am now following you!
    Jae Mac, I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

    • Rainy Kaye

      Yay! If you ever unfollow me, I’ll be sure to announce it! And take your Legos. 😉

  • natashalarry

    I’ve been a victim of unfollow announcements three times. Yes, I counted. I rolled my eyes three times. <3 Great post.