Discussion: Visitor Stats

Posted by on January 29, 2013 in Discussion Questions | 3 comments

How often do you check your blog visitor stats?

What tool do you use to do so?

Which are you most interested in: page views, hits, visits, or unique visitors?

Which are you least interested in?


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  • http://peacock-panache.com/ Tim Peacock

    I tend to use my blog platform’s analytics in combination with Google Analytics – both of which don’t really provide an ideal picture for actual ad-views since so many people use ad-blocking technology.

  • Dane Baylis

    Well, truth be told I see my page’s stats about once a day. As I haven’t been blogging that long the whole stats thing doesn’t have any real resonance with me just yet. I let blogger’s metrics handle the compiling and I’m just tickled that anybody comes around. I have a mighty army of three followers thus far and I don’t think anyone has subscribed.
    I think the most meaningful thing will be when people actively start leaving more comments and questions. It’s the personal touch for me, being able to actually interact with someone. I’ve been doing the 365 Days of Blogging thing everyday but there are times that almost feels like I’m talking to myself. I do enough of that out loud, I worry when I start feeling like I’m transcribing my neurosis.

  • sarah elizabeth

    i use statcounter.com, they email the stats once a week. I usually look at unique visits as that tends to be what publishers want to know.