Fly into the Dark Friday: Character Profile – Fawn

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This profile is one of five concerning characters from my upcoming novel.

The profiles are included as part of the giveaway running from Feb 5, 2013 to March 4, 2013.

The giveaway is fairly simple and the prize is fairly big, so might want to check it out.


Name: Fawn

Age: 23

Describe how you look:

Wild blonde hair. I don’t wear make up. And I can kick your ass.

Where were you at the start of the story?

At the combat school with Felix. . .and Torvorr.

What did you want, when the story started?

Just to get through school and prove myself in the north.

Who are your parents?

I rather claim Felix’s family as my own.

What was your education like?

Difficult, but I got into one of the most exclusive schools in the world.

Do you make friends easily?

With people who aren’t jerks.

Do you have a best friend?

Felix, though sometimes he irritates me. He’s too nice.

Can you get people to do what you want? If so, how?

I don’t want to get people to do things.

Do you have scars? Where did they come from?

Just some minor things from the docks.

Can you navigate your local area without getting lost? To what degree?

Yeah, of course. Who can’t?

Can you bake a cake?

It can’t be that hard.

Do you know how to perform basic maintenance on a car?

Better than making a cake.

Is there something you do that most other people don’t?

Getting wrapped up in stupid situations that wind up threatening my life.

What is the most formative moment in your past?

Meeting Felix.

Do you have any fears?


What are some of your bad habits?

I don’t have a lot of patience.

Do you have a moral code? To what extent are your actions dictated by this code?

I try to do what’s right. Mostly.

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  • alexander ji karlsen

    You are writing the great novel communists always claim they are working on? You must make sure to stand on rooftops and bellow the news when one can get it from good olde amazon bookstore….so one can purchase it and make you a famous author…..That is the purpose of peons rainy; to make an author famous and insufferable 😉

    • Rainy Kaye

      You don’t drop by nearly often enough 😉

  • natashalarry

    LOL. I love it. I suppose Felix is too nice, when compared to everyone else <3 Great job on these character profiles.

    • Rainy Kaye

      <3 Thanks, wifey.