How to Write a Draft in 16 Days – Part 1 #writingtips #indieauthors #writers

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My first manuscript took 16 years to write. My fifth took 16 days. I’m going to take this as a sign that I’ve improved a little 😉

The first reaction most people have is: Yeah, but how long did it take to edit the draft?

Two weeks, and that was taking my time with it.

The next question is: So, you wrote 5k words a night. How many words did you actually keep, though?

Most of them. I actually completed the draft with just under 85k words. After revision, the manuscript sits at just under 90k words. The only “serious” change I made was moving part of one scene into another so it flowed better.

There was, however, about 2 days worth of prep work, but I counted that into the 16 days. Actually, 16 days counts the entire process: the spark of an idea; sending the first scene to a few beta readers to judge if I was off my rocker or not; confirming I was, indeed, insane but in a way some people liked; developing the story and characters; the flurry of spewing words on pages; and then collapsing at the end.

I took two steps to prepare. Three, if you count buying a case of Mt. Dew. The next post about writing will discuss the first step in detail.

Stay tuned. 😉

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  • Emma Meade

    Jealous. I need to work out how to edit faster.