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Last time, we talked about why to use a plot point outline. Now I’m going to share the one I use, which is heavily influenced by this one.

Hers was meant for writing a one-page synopsis, but that’s pretty much doing an outline after the fact. I’ve just added some verbiage for thinking about what will happen, instead of what did happen.

I strongly suggest checking out the original, because it has a great example to go with it.

Opening Overview
What world does this take place in? What’s the primary, relevant issue?

Meet the Protagonist
What’s he or she like, and what’s his or her situation to start?

And We’re Off!
What event gets things rolling? Note that this will probably be your first chapter. Most likely, it will be your first scene.

The Decision
The previous point is the decision the character is faced with, and this point is what big decision he or she made that starts their adventure. This decision will likely be in your first chapter, too. In your outline, though, try to include where this lands him or her.

Development & Villain
The character is off in a new life now. What is it like? What is going on? How does he meet the antagonist, and what’s this all about?

Smack In The Middle
Something occurs in this new life that causes the character to make another big decision that impacts how the story will pan out. Keep your plot in mind when you decide this. This is the heart of the adventure. Go wild.

We Got This. . .Or Do We?
The characters should be moving up, about to make the world right again and then—bam! Smack down by the villain.

We’re Doomed
Forecast is cloudy with a high chance of “We’re screwed”. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Have no mercy. This is where the tension builds for the final climax.

It is on. Our hero has no choice but take on the worst moment of their life.

Last Effort
How does the hero win?

We Won
How does everything pull together? What happens to everyone?

Fade Out
The storm is over. This is the last image for the readers.

That’s all there is to it.

If you use a different outline for plotting, feel free to share it in the comments. :) If you try this one, let me know how it goes.

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