Author vs. Character Interviews: Glenn Clay and Evan Daniels

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Book Name:

The Cursed and Damned: The Daniels Family

Author Name:

Glenn Clay

Character Name:

Evan Daniels


So, how did you two meet and how long ago was it?

Glenn: Well, I believe we met back in early 2009.

Evan: Yeah, it was about then because it was the following October that you began writing my family’s adventures down.

What was your first impression of each other?

Evan: I met him in an ally at the local fall festival, and actually he walked right into me, made me jump.

Glenn: (laughing): Yeah, I was looking back and when I turned around my head bumped right into his body.

Evan: (laughing): I guess that’s what I get for appearing out of nowhere.

Glenn, what does Evan do that annoys you the most?

Glenn: (Laughing): Appearing out of nowhere scares me pretty good but it’s not really annoying. I don’t think he really annoys me at all, now his cousin Phineas, I have yet to meet, seems pretty annoying all the time.

Evan:(Laughing): Yeah, he can get on your nerves when he isn’t being serious.

Evan, if you could say just one thing to Glenn, what would it be?

Evan: Um, thanks, I believe is in order. He didn’t turn my family adventures into another gushy vampire love story and for that I am always thankful. (Smiling and crossing his arms)

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened between you two?

Glenn: Um, embarrassing, I think the moment we met was pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

Evan: (Laughing): Yeah, that was pretty embarrassing, I have to say.

Glenn, what do you feel the worst about doing to Evan?

Glenn: Well, some of the things that I wrote about in my book was pretty bad, but the worst I think I did to Evan was have him relive when he first turned into a vampire, it was very emotional for me because I saw how emotional it made him retelling that to me.

Do you think you two will meet again in the future?

Evan: I am going to be with this guy forever, (laughing), I am serious though he is like a brother to me now.

Glenn: That’s nice of you to say Evan, I think the same about you. But yes, we still have two more books to finish about his family adventures and then I have some spin-offs of his adventures I am also going to be working on.

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