Author Interview: Elizabeth Barone

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How would you describe yourself? I am… silly, a lover of food, obsessed with notebooks, and possibly crazy for giving up web design and pursuing writing.

How would you describe what you write? I write New Adult drama with grit—stories for twenty-somethings featuring protagonists struggling with inner demons, such as substance abuse and mental illness.

What inspired you to start writing your first book? Oh, you mean the one that will never see the light of day? I was obsessed with Stephen King and the Donner party. Cannibalism and insane characters ensued. It was a lot of fun but the worst thing I have ever written.

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? That depends. Chocolate ice cream deeply offends me, but if you put Reese’s in my vanilla ice cream, you will own my heart.

What authors influence your writing? I read a huge variety, from Joe Meno to Tess Gerritsen. I’ve worked hard to develop my own voice and style, though.

What one writing tip do you have for new authors? Don’t give up, and be good to yourself. It’s a tough business. You shouldn’t expect your career to instantly explode into hundreds of sales. Hang in there, and create goals. Then, tackle them one by one. World domination, mwahaha!

Did you self or traditionally publish, and why did you choose that route? Right now, I’m self-publishing. I’m totally open to getting a book deal. In fact, I’m working on editing a novel that I’d like to shop around. I chose self-publishing because I wanted to try it. I fell in love, and really enjoy the process. I get to talk to cool people all day, book my own events, and create my own schedule. Win!

Do you have a blog, and how has it helped with your promotional efforts? I’ve been blogging for a long time. I started off at LiveJournal way back in the day, and my readers have pretty much watched me grow up from dark and twisty teen to determined author. It’s been awesome connecting with people over the years. I’ve made a lot of great friends, who have told me they feel like my honesty has helped them. In turn, they have supported me fully in this novelist gig. You can’t beat those kinds of friendships.

What one thing are you OCD about, in general? Folding laundry. It has to be done a certain way, or else!

What is the most creative way you have promoted any of your books? I wrote the first draft of my debut novel, Sade on the Wall, on my blog, as though it were the main character’s blog. I posted a new chapter every day for a month straight. “Sade” replied to people’s comments, and my readers gave her advice on her problems! It was a blast.

Two years later, I released a revised and edited version. Surprisingly, everyone who read along bought either a digital or paperback copy.

What would you do differently if you had to start over? I would have started sooner, rather than letting fear hold me back. It’s been such an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next five years? I want to be writing full-time, for one. I’d also like a car that is drivable. (Rest in peace, Green Goblin.) I’d like to try new things, like songwriting and podcasting. It’d be cool to have a baby, too, maybe.

What are the first three rules you would make if you took over the world? 1. Everyone has to be nice to each other, or you get thrown into a pit of hungry, flesh-eating clowns.

2. Cute kitten pictures would be posted on highway billboards, to keep everyone’s blood pressure down.

3. Staples is not allowed to run out of binder clips for sale—ever.

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  • Elizabeth Barone

    Thanks for having me, Rainy! This was a lot of fun.